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Start Analyzing SEO Data

Swamped by SEO data?

Are you wasting countless hours on Excel?

You are in the right place.

I will teach you how to create powerful audits.

You'll learn how to analyze small and big websites with your laptop.

What You Will Learn

Use GSC and GA4 Data to their fullest potential

Learn Python/R/SQL for your needs

A complete blueprint for auditing websites

How to 10x your productivity

BigQuery explained easily

Content Auditing Made Easy

I will teach you how to audit any website.

Find which pages are decaying, which are opportunities and take control of your SEO.

Work With Big Websites

Big websites are a different game.

I teach you how to handle them and what you can do to make your life easier.

Automate Your Work

Most of your boring SEO tasks can be automated.

No need for fancy or expensive tools, I show you a blueprint to do so.

The Tools You Will Learn


Python is the most popular programming language right now and for good reasons.

This tool is invaluable for data analysis, scraping and building AI applications.


R is the absolute best for Statistics and Data Visualization.

Despite being a less popular choice than Python, it's still a great tool and easy to use.


SQL is the #1 data language and what you use to pull data from databases.

It's even more popular in SEO after the release of BigQuery's Bulk Export option.

A Preview Of The Curriculum

The modules below are purely for demonstrative purposes.

Each module contains several lectures with videos and code.

This course is over 20 hours or longer with videos, tutorials and code notebooks.

Unlock Powerful Insights With SEO Data

This Course Is Ideal For:

✅ SEOs who want to learn data analysis

✅ Data professionals who want to learn how to use SEO data

✅ Developers/IT professionals interested in SEO

✅ People who want to join a community of data enthusiasts

This Course Will NOT:

❌ Teach you SEO

❌ Make you a software engineer

❌ Be fluff

What They Say About Me

Myriam Jessier

If you are fed up with somehow always ending up in Excel to finish your analysis, you need this in your life.

Dealing with a lot of data?

Feel like you are wasting time by digging up the data?

Learn how to actually automate some of the stuff in a way that makes sense to you.

Lee Foot

Cut through the noise and get to the data. Practical and actionable, Marco offers practical tips and insights that work.

Marco explains things in a clear and concise way, free of jargon. Recommended.

Giulia Panozzo

Marco's insights take you on a comprehensive journey through the intricate intersections of data analytics for SEO, delivering substance without unnecessary "fluff."

Arturs Cavniss

Marco's the expert you need to take your skills to the next level. 

He is always up to date with the latest techniques and tools, so you can trust him to give you the inside scoop on everything from understanding data to automation. 

Caitlin Hathaway

From new ways of approaching and prioritising my work, using data efficiently as an SEO, Marco distils it easily and has a roadmap for everything.

Simone de Palma

If your client ever quizzed you about interpreting lenghty search performance time frames, Marco has got you covered.

His expertise in data science is top-notch and it's 100% actionable to help you build a data-informed mindset to juggle with your daily SEO workflow.